Countless number of MBAs were struggling to obtain a job overlook easy graduates. And… the idea is it’s not that they were a little picky about it and that they just wanted the tasks they desired, which is why they had been jobless. They were jobless because the skill they have learnt & own isn’t much in demand.

Getting a work rather obtaining a decent job has ever remained the top concern for freshers because ages no matter how the situation is becoming worse now if even a degree can not guarantee you a job. As on date, the biggest challenges for freshers are:

Lack of expertise, companies want experience
Simple graduation or MBA is no more helpful
Every company needs professional training & skills
High competitors
Freshers these days have hard time beating these challenges. Majority of these are always in the hunt of a vocational course or a professional training that can guarantee them a job. But again, not all vocational courses allow you to land a work eventually due to high competition and the big crowd struggling to fill the countable vacancies.

However, the arrival of internet and online marketing has changed the employment situation completely.

In our previous article 8 Reasons Why Making Career in Digital Marketing is a ideal Choice we talked about main reasons why choosing a career in digital marketing can prove to be the right decision made and that how digital marketing industry proffers some thing for everybody.

How a Digital Marketing Training Can Help?

The more businesses go didigital,he higher is the requirement for skilled digital marketing professionals

Since people are not going to switch back to offline from online and depart sophistication, all of the brands and businesses are changing their budget towards digital slowly and that rethe requirementor applicable digital marketing abilities will only get bigger and better with time

The best thing is holding relevant electronic marketing abilities not only empowers you to earn a secure livelihood by joining a full-time job but you might also launch your own venture and become an entrepreneur or can make big money as a freelancer/ part-timers as well. So far as entrepreneurship is concerned you can take example of the young entrepreneurs such as Kunal Bahl & Rohit Bansal (Founders of, Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal (Founders of & so on.

Moreover, though digital marketing is also part of IT and is a bit technical sort of marketing, still you do not need in order to hold any technical degree like B.Tech or even a B.Sc. And that candidates from arts history can also make a successful career in digital marketing.

And…like we said above digital marketing has something for everyone, it offers various chances from which one can pick the one your choice by learning that particular fragment of electronic marketing.

Let’s have a sneak peak to a couple of key career openings in electronic advertising for freshers:

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Search Engine Specialist
  • Ads Specialist
  • Social Media Executive
  • Email Marketing Executive
  • Digital Campaign Planner
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Web Content Manager
  • Online Advertising Specialist
  • Web Analytics Executive
  • Online Reputation Manager
  • Marketplace Manager
  • Copywriter
  • Digital Account Manager
  • Ecommerce Specialist
  • Online Leads Manager
  • Content Writer
  • Online Entrepreneur

These were names of just a few career opportunities in digital advertising and that electronic advertising in itself is a vast industry containing of different streams that you can make your livelihood in. All you need is applicable digital marketing skills and some hands-on familiarity of the same.

For Your Information!
A fresher in electronic advertising may earn up to 20k at the start.

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